Narrow Defeat in Congress for Veterans

U.S. capitol building located in Washington, D.C.

Congress narrowly defeated an amendment to the House Military Construction & Veterans Affairs & Related Agencies Appropriations Act (HR 4486), offered by Reps. Blumenauer (D-OR), Farr (D-CA) and Rohrabacher (R-CA), that would permit Veterans Affairs doctors to recommend marijuana to veterans whom they think would benefit from marijuana. Nevertheless, the vote was a historic marker insofar as 195 members of ...

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Recent Past and the Near Future of Marijuana Regulation

Map of US with cannabis leaf

Less than 20 years ago California voters ushered in the beginning of the end of marijuana prohibition with an initiative to allow medical marijuana. Medical marijuana laws have since spread to almost half the states. Further, many states have decriminalized small-time pot possession while two have enacted recreational marijuana legalization. Alaska, Oregon, and the District of Columbia may legalize marijuana ...

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Justice Stevens in Favor of Legalization

Retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens recently said that the federal government should follow the lead of states that have legalized marijuana. Specifically, Stevens said, “I really think that [legalization] is another instance of public opinion that has changed. It is time to recognize that the distinction between marijuana and alcoholic beverages is really not much of a distinction. ...

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The Real Estate Dilemma

Cannabis truck and store

One of the biggest challenges start-up dispensaries face is finding real estate. Very few landlords embrace the notion of working with a medical marijuana business. Although the industry continues become mainstream, finding real estate remains a huge challenge, particularly for tenants. Potential landlords fear they will harassed by law enforcement and fear to rent to a business that carries this ...

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Survey: Americans Convinced Legalization is Inevitable

U.S. flag with hemp imprint

A survey just released by the Pew Research Center provides evidence that Americans are undergoing a tectonic shift on drug policy. Americans are convinced that marijuana legalization is coming, and large majorities support a fundamental realignment of our drug policies away from the criminal justice system in general. Among findings was that more than six in ten Americans (63%) believe ...

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SEC Suspends Trading In Marijuana Company

Caged sale concept

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has halted trading in a marijuana company’s shares, alleging that undisclosed affiliates and shareholders have unlawfully distributed shares. This prohibition in trading will be temporary, depending on the depth of the perceived problems. Colorado-based Advanced Cannabis Solutions – which trades under the symbol CANNS – has been suspended at least until April 9, 2014. ...

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Marijuana versus Tobacco

Cannabis on tobacco cigarettes

The legal marijuana movement has lit a fire under lots of iffy companies with cannabis-connected business prospects, leaving big tobacco companies out of step. Companies with pretty much any marijuana-related business, or even stated plans to enter a marijuana-related business, have shown huge share price gains over the past few months. Medbox (MDBX) shares have nearly quadrupled in the past ...

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Marijuana and Property Taxes

tax revenue written in cannabis

A former law enforcement officer told a Michigan radio program that “marijuana users do not cause trouble.” He also claimed that legalization could reduce property taxes! Tony Ryan, a national speaker for a 501(c)(3) organization of criminal justice professionals who bear witness to the wastefulness of our current drug policies, appeared on a show hosted by criminal defense attorney Michael ...

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Cannabis Referrals Sold on TV

Cannbis and money on tv

Comcast has agreed to run an ad on its local systems in New Jersey, Massachusetts and Chicago that promotes a service that sells physician services for prescriptions of medical marijuana. Although Colorado has legalized cannabis, state law restricts retail advertising. The ads for begin with a dealer pushing sushi of dubious provenance. “Yo you want sushi? I got sushi. ...

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Black Market

Money coming out of back piggy bank, black market concept

Does the black market pose a threat to legalized recreational cannabis? A large percentage of users apparently prefer to buy tested, labeled cannabis products, an area in which state-legal dispensaries have an edge over the black market. Of course black market producers have a major advantage: their cost of goods is lower as they generally do not pay taxes, lab ...

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