Eastern States Update

Map of US east coast

Pennsylvania A recent Mercyhurst Center of Applied Politics poll found that 85% of people in Pennsylvania support medical marijuana. According to the poll: “A sizeable majority of Pennsylvania voters (85%) favor making it legal for patients to use marijuana if it was prescribed by their doctor, and only 10% oppose the position.” The prospect of legalizing marijuana for medicinal purposes ...

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Hawaii to Export Marijuana?

Packaged cannbis

Hawaii would grow cannabis and export it internationally under a bill introduced in the state legislature last month. House Bill 2124, spearheaded by Rep. Rida Cabanilla, would legalize the production and distribution of marijuana solely for sale to other countries where marijuana is legal. Taxes gleaned from such sales would be used to fund state programs. (Here’s a video of ...

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Texas Open To Legalization?

Welcome to Texas highway sign

A new University of Texas poll has found that 77% of Texans support the legalization of medical cannabis. There is strong support for legalizing recreational cannabis, with 49% in support and 23% opposed. “It’s not a surprise that Texas was not on the front line of [legalization], given that most of the opposition here is among conservatives and Republicans,” Jim ...

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Georgia on My Mind

Georgia capital building

A proposal to allow for the medical use of cannabis has been approved by Georgia’s House Health and Human Services Committee. The proposal will permit a research program to allow certain academic institutions to distribute cannabis to patients suffering from cancer and glaucoma. The bill will sanction approved academic medical centers or research hospitals to operates a doctor residency program ...

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Kentucky News

Green map of Kentucky state

The Kentucky House Health and Welfare Committee has approved a bill that will allow people suffering from cancer, multiple sclerosis (MS), and HIV/AIDS to use marijuana.The Cannabis Compassion Act, or HB 350, introduced by Rep. Mary Lou Marzian (D-Louisville) and co-sponsored by Committee Chairman Tom Burch (D-Louisville), will permit licensed patients and caregivers to possess and cultivate marijuana. The Act ...

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Priceline Deals on Cannabis

California dispensary allows customers to specify how much they want to spend on cannabis. It then provides offers from nearby dispensaries based on how many grams they want at that price point. The online space is becoming more crowded as the industry grows. Wikileaf said it currently offers deals from 900 dispensaries across four states: Colorado, Washington, California and Oregon. The ...

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East Meets West

East and western architecture

Western retail marijuana businesses are taking their expertise to Massachusetts. Kevin Fisher, owner of a Steamboat Springs-based medical dispensary and retail center, is becoming CEO of the New England Treatment Access Inc., which recently was given a license to open in Northampton, MA. Andrew DeAngelo, CEO of California’s Harborside Health Care, is now running Green Heart Holistic Health & Pharmaceuticals. ...

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New York Developments

green map of new york state

New York State Representative Senator Joseph Robach has come out in support of the state’s Compassionate Care Act. This bill would allow New Yorkers with serious and debilitating conditions to access to cannabis under the supervision of a healthcare provider. Senator Robach is the third senate Republican to support the Compassionate Care Act. Two Western Region Republicans, State Senator George ...

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New Yorkers Ready for Legalization

New York city street

When marijuana legalization inevitably happens in New York, it will be a significant victory for the end of cannabis and hemp prohibition. New York is a massive state with enormous media reach. A recent poll shows majority support for legalizing marijuana in New York state. Results of a Quinnipiac poll also showed huge support for medical marijuana in New York. ...

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Which States Will Be Next to Legalize?

Map of US with cannabis leaf

Marijuana was legalized in Colorado and Washington State. Which states will be the next to legalize? Alaska Alaska is very libertarian-minded and marijuana legalization will be on the ballot on August 19, 2014, in Alaska. It’s the only state so far that has a marijuana legalization initiative approved for the ballot. Oregon Oregon supporters are currently trying to gather signatures ...

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