Colorado Marijuana Industry Projected King of the Mountain

Snow skiers on a summit
The marijuana industry in Colorado seems to be growing with no end in sight. As more retail stores open, the revenue is growing even more than anticipated. Combining recreational marijuana sales with medical marijuana sales with sales of ancillary products and services, the Colorado marijuana industry will be enormous.

Some observers are estimating that the Colorado marijuana industry will be larger than the skiing industry within 5 years.

The Colorado ski industry is estimated at about 3 billion dollars per year. According to most projections, Colorado’s marijuana industry could top 1 billion in 2014.

Other states need to end marijuana prohibition to create jobs in areas where jobs are scarce, infusing local economies with money and generating tax revenue for schools, roads, and parks. An added benefit is that legalization will free up law enforcement to work on fighting actual crime, including serious drug felonies.

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