Re-Emergence of the World’s Most Valuable Crop

Hemp has been used for thousands of years. In 1938, it was predicted to be the first billion dollar crop (Popular Mechanics, Feb 1938) used for a multitude of products. In 2016 terms that would be a crop worth over $16 billion dollars. Farmers can potentially grow a plant that pays them twice, once for the seed and then the fibre without the use of pesticides and herbicides. In addition it should also be a generator of carbon credits that can be sold to industry under the climate change initiatives.

Canada is a global leader in hemp production with Alberta taking the lead in research. Prime Minister Trudeau talks about Canadians wanting to be known for their resourcefulness not our resources. This industry offers us an untapped market worth potentially billions of dollars that the US Government is still banning. While logic is battling idiocy south of the border, a massive opportunity is available to Canadians.

The best part of this re-emergence is that many of the uses are just forgotten and just need to be rediscovered not invented. Henry Ford for example prophesized growing cars, making the chassis, bio fuel and plastics out of the hemp plant. He actually built cars with hemp based side panels ten times stronger than steel powered by hemp bio fuel. BMW, Audi, Mercedes Benz and Toyota have started to use hemp sourced parts.

Can Canada take the initiative and lead the re-emergence of hemp production and products to the World?

By Don Mosher, Marketing Executive for Hempco Canada Superfoods

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