Hemp – the Ultimate Superfood for Humans

If you had to pick one plant, just one that had the most benefits for humans – the obvious choice would be hemp. It is well known for thousands of uses for its fiber and medicine and food, and only recently, has it been recognized as a “Superfood.” What’s a superfood you ask? It’s a nutrient dense food that provides ...

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Re-Emergence of the World’s Most Valuable Crop

Hemp has been used for thousands of years. In 1938, it was predicted to be the first billion dollar crop (Popular Mechanics, Feb 1938) used for a multitude of products. In 2016 terms that would be a crop worth over $16 billion dollars. Farmers can potentially grow a plant that pays them twice, once for the seed and then the ...

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Weed Versus Wine: The True Artistry Behind Cannabis Cultivation

There’s no doubt that growing marijuana is artistry that should be appreciated for its beauty and power. Art, by definition is the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form. Artists produce works to be appreciated primarily for their aesthetics or emotional influence. Cannabis cultivators can therefore definitely be considered artists, as they use ...

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Top Ten Problems with Recreational Marijuana

Baby marijuana plants

1) Banking Marijuana businesses have always had a hard time doing banking in that banks are Federally-chartered institutions. Neither checking accounts nor debit or credit accounts are permitted, in theory anyway. However, it appears there is good news on the way. In early 2014, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder announced that the Justice and Treasury departments were jointly working on ...

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The Future of Recreational Marijuana

This is what you can expect in states following Colorado and Washington in the inexorable march toward legalization. First, these states will need to have a medical marijuana initiative ballot drive or state-wide general election to implement a program that is regulated and taxed. Second, there will be need for the state’s citizenry to become aware that the medical marijuana ...

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Market Opportunities

When and if marijuana becomes legal in all 50 states, it will generate close to $50 billion in revenue, according to sources. To put this in perspective, the U.S. beer market annual sales are just under $100 billion, wine $32 billion annually, and coffee and tea $1.1 billion. That $50 billion does not include black market revenue which will remain ...

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New: Marijuana Business Directory with Google Maps

pin markers on map

Hemp Insider is proud to introduce our online marijuana business directory as a valued resource for aspiring cannabis entrepreneurs and companies seeking business service providers. From payment services to lawyers, accountants to retail, security, and website development, there are hundreds of nationwide businesses that specialize in serving marijuana community. Use our advanced search features to find a marijuana-friendly business near ...

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Marijuana Industry Boom Equals JOBS

Technician with medical cannabis has announced that with the marijuana industry expanding so rapidly, there is unprecedented demand for marijuana-related workers throughout the country. More than 20 states allow medical marijuana, 2 states allow recreational marijuana use, and 12 other states have pro-marijuana legislation initiatives. “The U.S. marijuana industry is developing quicker than any other industry. The rapid growth is generating hundreds of ...

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A Multi-Billion Dollar Industry

A new multibillion dollar industry became a reality when Colorado and Washington States approved recreational marijuana in late 2013. For the first time, re-sales of marijuana and marijuana extracts and edibles are legal transactions in two of the United States. When the President of the United States publicly refers to the relative impact of alcohol and marijuana on our nation’s ...

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The Cole Memo

Copy of Cole Memo page 1

Marijuana may be illegal in the eyes of the Federal government but it has recently become far less illegal. In August 2013 the U.S. Justice Department released a memorandum, written by Deputy Attorney General James M. Cole, clarifying the Federal government’s approach to marijuana cultivation, distribution and sales. Known as “the Cole Memo,” the document offers formal guidance to states ...

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